Eyebrow Hairs

Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask y’all this for a while, but I have been slightly embarrassed.  But I’m dying of curiosity, and so I’m willing to overcome my discomfort.

Sometimes, I get an eyebrow hair that hurts.  Like, right now, I can feel one on my left eyebrow and it hurts and it even kind of hurts to touch it, but if I can’t suss out which eyebrow hair it is and yank it out, it will continue to hurt.

When I do finally get it, the pain in my eyebrow will subside, but it will hurt like a motherfucker to get it out.

Okay, got it.

But what do you think it is? Like a defective eyebrow-hair grower or something?

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  1. Occasionally I’ll grow two eyebrow hairs from one follicle, or at least it looks like that’s what’s happening. Maybe when that happens to you, one of them gets ingrown or causes pressure?

  2. I pay good money to have many of mine ripped out with hot wax every few weeks (I don’t think anyone else is concerned about the shape of my eyebrows but it makes me happy) so they are probably meddled with enough to be afraid to do much of anything and I have no experience with this.

    But, I’m wondering if it could just be a hair follicle getting irritated and somehow pulling out the exact right one relieves the irritation? Maybe it gets crowded and removing the hair makes more room? I don’t know why eybrow hair follicles would keep getting irritated but that’s my best guess.

  3. I always thought it was the hair was growing the wrong way out of the follicle. The ones that I get which hurt are like rogue hairs, sticking straight out or heading in the complete opposite direct, until The Man picks them off, one by one.

  4. It could be a bacterial infection in the hair follicle, and removing the hair is relieving the pressure, though it won’t be curing the infection! Folliculitis can also be just plain irritation caused by a non-bacterial blockage (e.g. ingrown hair) also. Moisturising can help prevent ingrown hairs, an anti-bacterial solution or cream that’s safe near your eyes (e.g. diluted tea-tree oil or cream) can help if it’s bacterial.

  5. I’m unsure if you have eyebrow bacteria, but you certainly have eyebrow mites. People with clearer complexions have higher densities of mites, and one theory is that the mites actually improve skin health.

    As for the painful follicle, no idea why, although I have had the same thing happen.

  6. My daughter of 2 years also has such a follicle. It is gold brown. She keeps touching it, i think it irritates her. I have cut it once but it has grown back. I wonder what brings it about, and how i can get rid of it too.

  7. I have one of those- it’s always from the same follicle, too. I always presumed it was a nerve end too close to the skin or something. It doesn’t feel the same as an ingrown hair, there’s not pressure- it feels like a loose tooth, like that weird dull ache that sharpens immensely if you wiggle it. By now I know which hair it is so I just yank it out once it comes in past stubble length. It’s gone white now, too, which is weird. I’m thinking defective follicle.

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