My Mind is Boggled, Tennessee Democrats, Boggled

1. Why is Mike Turner even at a meeting between black leaders and the Chamber of Commerce regarding school segregation?

2. Basic Politics 101 is that it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.  Any doubts a person might have had about whether the incident happened as reporter were removed the second Won Choi tried to make a deal with Jeff Woods to keep it from coming to light.

3. No, you know, I don’t even have a three. I’m just so tired of this nonsense. Morally, I would like us to be beyond this crap.  But obviously, that’s not going to happen.

So, let’s just try pragmatism.  This shit cannot happen.  It will lose us voters. They won’t go Republican. They just won’t come out.  If you have to send Turner to sensitivity training with Goforth, do it.  If you need to assign a Ty Cobb to follow Turner around and slap his hand over Turner’s mouth when necessary, hell, looks like we’ll have one to spare.  If we need to find a way to get Turner to smoke pot in his office before talking to anyone, well, take a collection to pay for the bribes and I will chip in.

Whatever it takes, someone has to have a come to Jesus meeting with Turner immediately and we need a way to ensure this nonsense is not going to happen again.

Constitution Day

Okay, the Butcher got the day off and I have decided to wear a dress that will show off my tits.  If you can’t wow them with facts, distract them with envy, I say. (Ha, you know the second I hit 40, my boobs are going to be all “Hey, you got all the work out of us you can. We’re retiring to your knees.” and when I try to put them in bras, they’ll just accordion all up and give me hideous cleavage. Not that I’ve ever heard of that happening, in the whole history of boobs, but I will be first.)

Where was I?

Okay, so I think I’m going to talk about rights being inherent with a person and that arguments about states’ rights v. federal rights miss where, exactly, rights actually reside.

What do you think?

But August is Long and Dumb and a Lot of People are on Vacation

Goldni has a great and insightful post on the President’s speech last night. So, of course, this being the internet, I’m going to quibble with one part.

She says:

This is what he should have been doing all along. They made a misstep by sitting back and letting Congress bog it down, and leaving it wide open for all the craziness that went on in August. Obama should have been this forceful and clear about his expectations from the get-go.

But I don’t know. I mean, for the past two months, we’ve watched the conservatives scoring some of the weirdest PR “victories” ever. I mean, I get that they have their little tea parties and they get on TV and they bring their guns to the town hall meetings and they get on TV and they shout and cry and talk about just wanting their America back and they get on TV and they piss and moan about the President not being born in America and they get on TV and they pull their kids out of school and they get on TV and then one of them, this time a congressman, shouts “You lie” at the President and he gets on TV.

I think it makes for great TV, but people can still tell a difference between TV and real life.  On a TV show, you want action and adventure and gunfire and dramatic outbursts.

Not so much in real life.

People don’t like chaos.  And the conservatives in this country now look very chaotic, to put it mildly.

I mean, Republican congressfolks just had to sit there respectfully, like most schoolchildren were able to do the day before, and they couldn’t even manage that.  And while each of the things I mentioned may have seemed to an average American to be some local weirdness, it was building to a crescendo. (Which, if I may side-track a moment is what many of us fear–that it is building to a crescendo where some loon feels justified in shooting someone.)

And between people not only pulling their kids out of school (a stupid but personal choice for whoever wants to for whatever reason), but also insisting on their ability to prevent other people’s kids from seeing the speech, and Wilson’s outburst, it is now on the national radar that there’s something still deeply wrong with the Republican party.

You, as a voter, might not be thrilled about what the Democrats are up to, but do you want to be stuck with a party that is conducting itself like the lunatic fringe of the South?

I mean, has the Republican party looked around the country lately?  The rest of the country thinks of the South as America’s asshole.  Even racists formed the neo-Nazis because they didn’t want to be associated with the dumb Southern rednecks in the Klan.  Making yourself into the party that represents the values of conservative white folks in the South makes you a permanent minority in this country because, just for starters, most white people don’t live in the South and most Americans, in general, have a lot of negative stereotypes of the South.

And yet, who do the Republicans have making their great rebuttal speeches?

I’m just saying, August may have seemed to work against Obama in the short term, but it seems to have codified what it means to be a Republican, and I think that helps him in the long term.

I could be wrong.