Mrs. Wigglebottom Would Rather Be at the Neighbors’ than Weed

The dog could not decide if she wanted to be inside or outside.  I wanted to finish weeding the big bed.  I tried to put her inside, but she barked and barked until it woke up the Butcher and then he brought her outside and hooked her to the bird feeder.  Where she then proceeded to bark and bark and bark.

Finally, I let her off her chain and she immediately ran to the neighbors’ because she is in love with the male neighbor.

At least that’s my guess.

After we had a little disagreement and I threatened to punch her in the nose (needless to say, she was not afraid), she was happy to hang out in the garage.

But I didn’t get the whole bed done.  I have a section about six inches wide and ten feet long to do first thing tomorrow, when it’s not in direct sun. Because, whew, it’s hot in the sun out there!

I cut back my peonies.  A little early, but I was in there.

Now Mrs. W. is napping, because, apparently, it’s hard work to run off to see if the neighbor wants to flirt back and then spend your afternoon napping in the garage.