7 thoughts on “Nashville–A Quick Polar Bear Census

  1. wasn’t there one farther down Edgehill in front of a red house that serves (or served) as a music school? Maybe I’ll go take a drive to verify.

  2. There were those other ones we saw, huge and with swim clothes painted on, in Tunica. But I guess this category is for Nashville polar bears. Didn’t means to derail.

  3. Thanks, Sarcastro. I believe I’ve been told this before but cannot seem to remember it.

    Noticed a bunch of lions today. 4 blue ones on front of an antique store at 8th & S. Douglas as well as 2 “bronze” ones (painted a bronze-like brown color) in front of a store on 8th near Congress. Well, I’ve noticed them before. But only today did I notice that they are the same lions. Wonder if they came from the same place about the same time as the bears. It’s like a plaster zoo, this town.

  4. You missed one on your trip to the Oak Ridge area — there’s one somewhere in the vicinity, though I can’t remember where. Next to a gas station. I only ever ran across it by accident, whereupon I would wonder if I was in Wisconsin, the homeland of Random Giant Animal Sculpture.

  5. It’s like a plaster zoo, this town.

    When I lived in Oak Ridge, I couldn’t help marveling at the local dedication to lawn art. Is that a state or regional phenomenon, or a peculiarity of Oak Ridge?

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