Not Pictured: The Fight I’m Having with My Dog

I swear, this weekend has been “If I’m Off My Leash, I’m Gonna Run! If I’m On My Leash, I’m Gonna Bark! I’m a Giant Jackass” weekend here with Mrs. Wigglebottom. I about had to just now call the Professor and beg her to come over here and give Mrs. W. a firm talking to because she’s completely ignoring me.

So, I’m completely ignoring her.


Anyway, here are some pictures. None of which are of Mrs. Wigglebottom, because I’m sure she was busy running off to harass the neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Not Pictured: The Fight I’m Having with My Dog

  1. Oh Mrs. W., how could you be so disobedient. She has been acting up lately, that’s for sure. Not sure that she really listens to me after about the first 15 minutes when she’s just glad to see me. But you could have called. I could have read in the hammock, forcing her to lie down underneath me while you weeded. Ha, see how I got out of the real labor there.

  2. I’ll trade you the disobedient dog for the 20-pound cat that jumped on my face Saturday night. More than 24 hours later, I still look like I got punched in the mouth by a blind collagen shot.

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