Oh, True Blood, What Will I Squee About Next Week?


Okay, I have that out of my system now.

Who laid the egg?

Sookie, you have a thousand year old vampire blood in you, too, so why are you cowering?

Love Lafayette clapping in the background, though.

Maryanne in Gram’s wedding dress is pretty creepy.

Ha, well, I’m glad the queen is bossing Erik around.  That’s intriguing.

Jason’s tears are a nice touch.

Well, damn, so Jason is fully human.

Oh, thank goodness no one laid that egg.  Well, you know, except the ostrich.

Okay, clearly Sookie is being stupid but about what?

WHAT?! The bull is here?!  That’s got to be Sam, right?

“Was there no god?”

Holy shit.  I know she’s been crazy evil and somewhat boring, but that about broke my heart.

Oh, Hoyt. I’m going to be so sad if you try to choose to believe the lies.

I kind of think it sucks that no one remembers anything.  Well, that most people don’t remember anything.

I love how Bill has the gasp of “Oh shit” whenever someone says something that’s applicable to him, even if they don’t know it.

I love that the kids know Renee’s dead.

“It’s Diet Coke with Lime!” I love how they cover Coke products and Pepsi products in the span of five minutes. No distributor needs to feel left out.

Okay, I’m just going to admit it. I kind of think Andy is cute as hell.

Okay, if Bill cuddled with her almost all night and this is the next day, when did he have time to order the dress?

Bill just now remembers that Jessica exists?  Bless her heart, she is stuck with the worst maker ever.

“Never say never when there’s the internet.”

Ha, poor Sam.

And poor Hoyt.

The second Bill says he doesn’t want to share Sookie, I expect Eric to show up.

What the fuck?! Jason shot Eggs?!

Good lord, poor Tara’s story arc just went down hill this whole season, didn’t it?

Oh my god. Is Sookie actually making a smart decision? This is going to ruin the whole show, if we can’t count on Stackhouses to do dumb-ass stuff.

Well, the good thing is that there was signs of a struggle, so Sookie’s not going to sit around thinking she got ditched.  And she was going to say yes, so she was going to make a dumb decision, so the Earth spins rightly on its axel.

Shoot, so where do we stand?  That was, to me, a pretty satisfying end to MaryAnne.

We learned Andy drives a death car–dead people in it, people die near it. Do not get near Andy’s car.

The guy Tara spent all last season pining for shot the guy Tara spent all this season with.  So, there’s some nice balance there, but shoot, how much can one woman stand?

Jason’s character continues to be an indictment of “real men.” So that’s amusing.

And Gran’s wedding dress is ruined.

I liked it. I must say. I thought Maryanne’s death was exactly right.

10 thoughts on “Oh, True Blood, What Will I Squee About Next Week?

  1. So skipping ahead…now that it’s over, shall I watch it? I decided that I do better taking the show in big chunks so I figured if I watched it at all it’d be now.

    Was this season worth watching, in yr opinion?

  2. I think the writing has definitely improved over last season. But some of it still really sucks. I didn’t mind the crazy Christian storyline because, having been brought up around ministers, nothing about it rang true for me. Plus, for all its Christian bashing, the show seems to firmly come down on the side of monotheism and a Christian worldview, so I’m not sure any perceived Christian bashing ends up being much more than annoying.

    But it is in there, so you should consider that.

    On the other hand, if you watch it, you can tell me how many times it feels like they’re ripping CS Lewis off.

    Or The Wicker Man.

    Ha, here’s the problem. The things that are nicely done this season are so nicely done that when I think about them, it’s hard for me not to be all “Oh, you have to see Godric” or “Holy shit, how did MaryAnne’s dying end up making me cheer and breaking my heart?”

    But the things that were poorly done this season were poorly done on par with how poorly things could be done last season, but with more orgies.

    However, you would be watching it with the ability to fast forward….

  3. I read on Sepinwall’s blog that this show is a doughnut and that Bill and Sookie’s characters are the empty hole.

    But Michelle Forbes knocked her character out of the park and there are some good performances. Eric is not only sexy but we get that there is more to him than meets the eye and that’s due to the acting. (I’m going to have to give Evan Rachel Wood more time before I make an opinion.)

    But it’s Rutina playing Tara and Lafayette’s character that rings more true to me in the hodgepodge of crazy. They are really good.

    I like it. It’s junk food.

  4. I’m diving in today since there’s no way I can get any other work done. This show seems to go well with a lack of productivity.

    I must say that Michelle Forbes still rubs me the wrong way. I’ve never been able to warm to her since she single-handedly ruined H:LOTS all those years ago.

    As for the Christian bashing, I’m so used to it now that it just sorta rolls off me. What bugs me at the moment is the whole “eric is hotter than Bill” thing. As a woman who prefers dark-haired gentlemen to blonde showoffy pretty boys who know how pretty they are….I just can’t root for eric.

    Oh well. Looks like I’ll spend this prerainy moanday with Sucky and Bill.

  5. How I’ll miss these posts! I love seeing where we both reacted the same way. Every now and then I will question some logic in the show while we’re watching it–Why are they so worried about Sookie when she’s clearly not in any danger in this sacrifice situation? And Chad will be like, “*That’s* the only preposterous thing you see going on here?” It is a naughty, fun show.

  6. This is something I’d like to think more about. How is it, exactly, that a fictional world conveys the rules of that fictional world to you so that you can judge “that doesn’t seem right” v. “oh, totally plausible.”

    I mean, yeah, it’s completely implausible that a woman could will herself to be inhuman and then set about on a thousand year quest to make herself one with her god. But I’m willing to buy it.

    But being worried about Sookie in the sacrifice situation? Completely implausible.

    I don’t understand what the mechanics of that are exactly, but I feel it.

  7. Ask any Potter fan or LOTR junkie. Part of the devotion to fantasy is that chance to learn the mechanics of an alternate reality. That’s why I generally prefer my sci fi and fantasy stuff in books. One author can keep her world kosher, but when you get a team of writers (comics; movie series; tv) they NEVER agree on the worlds rules amd you get retcons and implausibility off the charts.

  8. I’m on episode 4 now and it seems like the writers ate willing to abandon rules if they get a sexy/cool idea. In this way the show reminds me a little bit of cheap porn.

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