Hurray, Dog!

She behaved today! Hurray.

And our front yard is covered in mushrooms, which I want to take pictures of and put in a post called “Mushrumination,” but I’m not really ruminating about the mushrooms.

And I think I’m going to talk about the 9th amendment on Thursday.

And I’m working on a baby blanket for my cousin.

And I like to start sentences with “and.”

3 thoughts on “Hurray, Dog!

  1. 1. Why did the mushroom go to the party?

    Because he was a fun-gi.

    2. Why did the fungi leave the party?

    There wasn’t mushroom.

  2. In related news (well, related to your fourth point), I FINALLY FINISHED THE FREAKING BABY BLANKET!!!!!!!!!! The blanket that ate my life? Yeah. So now … I can start another baby blanket. Ha!

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