Bates Nursery, You’re Killing Me Here!

I have requested that Bates install a crappy plant area for their loyal customers. You could go in there, to the crappy plant area, full of stuff you would never actually buy, and a helpful person would come and you would say, “I’m just wondering if you have something blue for my garden, which I am afraid is overwhelmingly red and yellow and orange? Perennial, please.”

And they would find you one blue thing and you would pay for it and go home.

You would not find a tomato red coneflower and a dark yellow coneflower and a purple thing you don’t quite know what it is and a blue thing you don’t quite know what it is and bring them all home to plant here in just a second.  Oh and some shasta daisy seeds.

You wouldn’t have those either.

4 thoughts on “Bates Nursery, You’re Killing Me Here!

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having this trouble. If only I got sun in my yard I would volunteer to take all those horrible shasta daisy seeds off your hands, but you know how it is. I’m able to offer only sympathy, not help. Or … I tell you what. Since you obviously won’t want to look at those flowers when they come up, you can cut a big bouquet of them and give them to me and then you won’t have to be bothered by them any more.

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