Random Things That Caught My Eye

Roger Abramson is moderating a panel on drug legalization next week.  Looks like fun.

This column raises such a good point about calling liars “sluts.”

Preachers’ kids love the Devil? This explains why I have be unable to refrain from teasing my dad about my mad plumbing skills, which practically require me to chase girls and show the world my butt. What did I ever do before my dad got on Facebook?  I just don’t know.  It was the Devil, Dad, my love for the Devil makes me tease you about you turning me gay. Well, that and your homophobia.  But mostly the Devil.

–Reading Dooce has made me all worried that this rash is not poison ivy but shingles.  Don’t worry.  It’s not an itchy rash on my [expletive] but an itchy rash on my arm, which seems to be getting worse, not better, even though it’s been two weeks since I weeded. My [expletive] has its uses, but weeding my garden appears to not be one of them. I need to remember to have my doctor look at it next week when I’m in there.

One thought on “Random Things That Caught My Eye

  1. I have, at times, had poison ivy for upwards of two weeks. I never could figure out whether I was “spreading” it from the original rash (I don’t think this is technically possible), or just picking it up again from an article of clothing or a piece of furniture that had the urushiol on it.
    Here’s a fun fact: Increased exposure to poison ivy/oak/sumac can actually increase the likelihood of breaking out in a rash. Apparently the immunity by exposure method doesn’t really work in this case. (wheee!) I do know that really hot showers feel really good on poison ivy, but won’t help the rash heal.

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