Tiny Cat Pants Could Go to Kindergarten!

Today Tiny Cat Pants is five years old. I think it’s suffice to say that I would not have near as rich and exciting a life as I have if not for blogging and the great people I have met through it. I know I get mushy on y’all all the time, but I really do feel very fortunate to have some of the greatest, most thoughtful commenters. I’m very lucky and very grateful. My life had been changed immeasurably for the better because of blogging and because of you guys.

In some other ways, though, things have not changed much since Tiny Cat Pants started. I still like to drive around and look at things. My cat’s butt hair still falls out (though knock on wood we’ve got that licked). I still live with the Butcher who knows everyone in town. I still regularly fail to seduce cute people in spite of my best efforts. And if you come over, you will be cut, scraped, and bruised by our ridiculous pets.

Every day I’m delighted I get to do this.

16 thoughts on “Tiny Cat Pants Could Go to Kindergarten!

  1. “My cat’s butt hair still falls out (though knock on wood we’ve got that licked).”

    Surely there is a easier and less disgusting way to treat the cat butt hair problem.

  2. Five years?!? I can’t believe it. I am so glad you’ve stuck with it. Happy birthday, TCP!

    (I’m pondering whether TCP is a boy or a girl, since my brain automaticaaly ascribes gender to everything. I think TCP may be either an actual hermaphrodite or a girl with balls.)

  3. Happy blog birthday! Also, you just made me feel old when I realized that was five years ago.

    Happy TCP day anyway!

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