It’s Almost October!

I’ve been working on the fake ghost stories and I finally have a rough draft of every single one. You, my friends, will be seeing those rough drafts roll out one at a time over the month of October (as nm’s husband said, “you can have it fast or you can have it good” and, in this case, y’all are getting them fast).

In the meantime, I made a map. You can see where all of the stories take place (kind of) and my plan is to link to each story from its location as they get posted here, so that by the end of October, the map will be an actual way to navigate the stories.

I don’t know. I almost wish they were better, but you know, I’m not that great a writer, so they are what they are. I’d need to let them sit for a long time before I could go back to them and say “Oh, right, here’s what’s not working.”

Still, I’m excited.  Here’s the map, if you’re curious.

6 thoughts on “It’s Almost October!

  1. Ha, ha, ha. Get your mind out of the gutter. I was having dinner at your house, and, in fact, discussing how hard it is to write 31 non-sucky pieces in a very short time.

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