10 thoughts on “The Staffordshire Hoard

  1. I’m dying to know all about it. Did it come from a king? Were people richer back then than we thought? How do you even do beautiful metal work like that?! And on and on and on.

  2. The rich back then were very rich indeed. Anglo-Saxon England was a place of great wealth (for the few) on account of cloth and wool exports, and (as this find indicates) plugged into a trade network that extended to north Africa and the Byzantine Empire. And through the north Africans and Byzantines to India, Sri Lanka (the garnets in the shield bosses) and parts of China. This is clear from narrative sources, but finds like this are rare. I’m not sure that this trove indicates “richer than we thought” but it is much showier than what usually survives in one place.

  3. I know! I heard them talking about it on NPR and he was all “Well, that’s what a metal detector is for.” Who wants to bet that England is sold out of metal detectors now?

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