TSLA, The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown!

Sure, the Tennessee State Library and Archives has some fun stuff, but does it have a picture of a dog riding a pig?!

(You know what the best part is? Even before you clicked, did you not smile to know that you were going to get to see a picture of a dog riding a pig? A dog riding a pig is a concept that pays off in design and execution.)

Oh, Coyote

Yesterday afternoon, I was out with the dog on a leash. Our neighbor opened her back door and her two dogs took off running towards the back of their yard.  Something large and with a kind of golden brownish black back came shooting up the creek between our houses. Mrs. Wigglebottom went silent, ears straight up, nose in the air, eyes wide, four legs firm on the ground.

The thing in the creek must have smelled her at the same time, because it did a quick u-turn and then, lickity-split, it was gone.

But it took Mrs. W longer to untense.

“A coyote” I said out loud just as I realized it and my own voice startled me.

But the creek bed, now that I think about it, is a perfect path for coyote. You can get from the hill north of Lloyd and that big pasture, under Lloyd and under the fence, through another pasture, under another fence, and, if you use the culvert in our front yard, you can get under Clarksville Pike and over to those hills. I don’t know how smart coyotes are about cars, but sticking to our creek bed would certainly help you avoid them.  And your likelihood of getting shot in our creekbed is slim and none.

Last night, I heard a coyote laughing and just now I heard it again.

I know they kill pets, but I have to admit, I kind of like them.

Earlier this summer Mrs. W and I saw a coyote with a really golden base coat crossing OHB and seeing that same color in my creek make me wonder if it’s the same coyote or a member of its family.

Although I look online now and see a lot of coyotes are very golden. It’s just the ones I’ve seen up until now have been more gray.