TSLA, The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown!

Sure, the Tennessee State Library and Archives has some fun stuff, but does it have a picture of a dog riding a pig?!

(You know what the best part is? Even before you clicked, did you not smile to know that you were going to get to see a picture of a dog riding a pig? A dog riding a pig is a concept that pays off in design and execution.)

10 thoughts on “TSLA, The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown!

  1. I should also point out that Rachel sent me this photo, which makes it doubly cool, because I am using a librarian’s work to try to start a fight between the Tennessee State Library and the Library at the University of Wisconsin.

    Libraries, I would just point out that having giant battles for money might be a good way to raise funds in these trying economic times.

  2. that pig is way to skinny… would have been hard to find a good mate …

    hope the dog did the trick (pun intended)

  3. I’ve got a pig and 2 dogs! But the dogs rightfully suspect the pig of trying to get either their food or toys. So I can’t recreate that picture. :(

    But, I have a cat that doesn’t mind being placed on the pig’s back. So if i was really fast with the camera I could have a pic of a cat riding a pig. (I have to be fast because the pig lies down to get his belly scratched from the pressure of the cat on his back.)

    This blog is inspirational!

  4. A monkey and a dog riding a pig?! There is simply no way that the TSLA can top this.

    Heather, it kind of breaks my heart a little to think of your poor pig thinking that he’s going to get a belly rub when really the cat would just be harassing him.

  5. The bored looks on their faces are priceless. “Yeah yeah, you put me on top of the pig again. What-ev-ah…”

  6. Sad news(to me at least)-the cat riding the pig combo isn’t going to work. If the pig starts moving the cat is all”I’m out of here!” And then I’m busy scratching pig tummy.

    And no way is there going to be a monkey added to the mix.

  7. I don’t know, though, heather, this sounds like it’s worked out very well for the pig. She’s getting belly scratchings! Pig’s probably all like “If only I could convince the cat to jump up here more often!”

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