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  1. If ignorance was bliss more people would be happy. What does it say for the owner or manager of the Foodland store that they would allow an employee to display such a vile symbol of hate?

  2. Aunt B.,

    Sorry for helping derail the thread over at Pith. I had one too many Dark ‘n’ Stormies and I was full of Dutch courage and feeling scrappy. I really should know better by now, especially when references to Hitler are involved, but fools do rush in.

  3. I really want to know more about this dude. Was he converted in prison? Is he like Jessico White of the Dancing Outlaw videos who didn’t even know what the tat meant? Doubt that, but you never know.

    Race relations is my official field of history. It is amazing that people still diefy Hitler. They should read about what a putz he was on top of being evil. For example, he forced over a million German troops to defend hopeless positions against the Russians in the last year of the war when retreating would have allowed them to fight more effectively and live to fight on. What a maroon!

  4. Casey brings up a good point. Maybe the guy joined the aryans in prison. Do you really think half the guys that join that, or become muslims, do so because they believe in the ideology?

  5. Oh god, if there ever comes a day when Exador and Casey find common ground against me, I’m taking the day off from the internet and going to have ice cream.

    Anyway, I think it’s unlikely that it’s a prison tat. He just has one and it would seem to be easy enough to cover it up if you weren’t dishing out a giant fuck you to everyone who say you.

  6. LOL. Oh, we don’t agree. He believes it if he is wearing a wife beater and displaying it proudly. I just wonder where his recruitment took place. Did he start in prison, or was he an internet recruit? Who knows.

  7. I do wonder about that, too. I saw a couple of white guys in white supremacist t-shirts over the summer down on Murfreesboro road, just past Massman, I think, which seemed to me like a death wish, but no one seemed to care, which they seemed vaguely disappointed by.

    So, I wonder if there’s not an active neo-nazi group here (even if it’s small). The SPLC claims that there are National Socialist Movement folks in the area, and I know the Klan is still knocking around, and we have the CCC (obviously), but I don’t know enough about it to know how welcome the neo-Nazi stuff is in Klan and CCC circles.

    I did learn on the internet, though, that a lot of right-wing morons try to claim that the National Socialist Movement is a left-wing movement because they use the word “socialist.”

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