Oh, Walt Whitman, And Jeans, and Walt Whitman

I’m just going to say up front that I thank the gods I am too fat to buy Levi’s jeans, because, no matter how much I think with my brain that these new commercials are stupid and pandering and I am embarrassed for America that the poet of our soul is reduced to shilling jeans instead of being read out loud by people right before silly orgies break out, my whole soul feels compelled to buy jeans when I see them. I want people to hear Walt Whitman and think of awesomeness and coolness and hipness.  I am completely in love with knowing that everyone who sees that advertisement is hearing what could be Walt Whitman’s voice, even if they don’t know it.

How does that work?

I guess, “Behold the power of marketing.” Possible marketing is America’s barbaric yawp.

And wow, I really love these commercials, even though I shouldn’t.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Walt Whitman, And Jeans, and Walt Whitman

  1. They’re playing this on regular television? Why haven’t I heard any outrage from the religious right on that bit of man-on-man action in the middle?

  2. Daisy! I’m trying to save my wallet, here. Don’t encourage me. Ha.

    Dolphin, I can only assume that they pass out from outrage the second they realize it’s Whitman and aren’t awake for the man-on-man action.

  3. Do y’know the Allen Ginsburg poem “At a Supermarket in Calfiornia”? I think I have that title right.

    It was about, finally, Whitman’s elegiac lists of American this and that reduced to items for check-out. And Ginsburg wrote that, what, 50 year ago now!

    Or as Steve Martin used to say, Let’s Get Small.

  4. Hell yes, the ending where Ginsburg basically asks Whitman if he still loves an America that doesn’t deserve him makes me tear up all the time.

    I have a secret theory that the recording of Whitman is an elaborate Ginsburg prank. I think that’s him reading Whitman.

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