Random Things, Because I’m Vaguely Incoherent Today

Honestly, it’s only been a day and a half, but I don’t understand why anyone would take steroids recreationally. First of all, yesterday, I sweated all day like a motherfucker, they taste like shit, and I’ve been vaguely nauseous since I started them.  Everything is improving, but seriously, who needs butt-sweat when just sitting at her desk? And I don’t yet feel like a professional wrestler or a pro football player.

But I have found you some cool things.

1. A story about heirloom apples. I don’t know if this means we in Middle Tennessee can go around looking for antique apples or if we need to send Casey out on an expedition farther east. But I am just tickled by this whole story. And also sad that these varieties are all endangered.

2. Speaking of football players, I have to agree with the folks over at Shakesville. Once even NFL players start talking like this openly, we’re now just waiting for public policy to catch up with where America’s heart is.

3. I want to tell you my favorite line in this post, but I also don’t want to spoil it for you before you get to it. But I laughed out loud right there in the middle of it.

4. I went to see Roger Abramson and wrote about it for Pith.

5. There’s a kind of cheesy genre of country song in which some pop culture reference is turned into some kind of pun or just touch-point for the song.  These are always popular but they are virtually impossible to do well.  It’s no surprise that one of the only artists who can actually pull it off, and turn cheese into gold (or something) is George Jones. The first time through this song, I think you’ll think it’s funny. I invite you to listen to it a second time, to let the real heartbreak sink in. There’s something nicely tragic about how he only has this cheesy shit to use as touchstones for his grief.

2 thoughts on “Random Things, Because I’m Vaguely Incoherent Today

  1. There are two songs I can’t listen to all the way through without tearing up: “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton & “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by the Possum.

    Seriously, I can be driving down the road on the way to an appointment feeling fine, and one of those two songs comes on? I’m a puddle.

    Thanks for the linky.

  2. The apples–The mister and I went for a walk last year on some public lands in our town and stumbled onto a mini orchard, of like 2 trees each of about 5-6 different kinds of apples–now just growing wild–little gold apples with brown freckles, streaky green-red apples, and ones with almost a yellow-blush -pear coloring,among others. Some person’s experiment from I don’t know how long ago (I do remember reading apple trees are not particularly long lived, but I sure have seen some hoary-looking specimens), but clearly now untended. I thought probably, somewhere, there would be someone who would be just on fire to “discover” these apples…

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