Silly Season

I wrote a post at Pith about the Cooper d’etat.  I may never write anything that is as funny to me as “Cooper d’etat.”


7 thoughts on “Silly Season

  1. I’m trying my best to stay out of it because it’s mostly a fight between family members and i know better than to get involved in one of those.

    I would like to point out, however, how pissed off I am at Kos et al for thinking they have some anointing which grants them the right to steamroller the voters of Cooper’s district. This is the best example of the worst of party politics.

    An elected official represents THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT HER. Any party affiliations or ideologies are secondary and tertiary concerns. Attempts from weknowbetterthanyou folks to meddle in local elections have always bothered me.

  2. FWIW, Egalia’s right. The commenters at her blog during the election were mostly all about McCain, but she herself would occasionally mention that she’d be voting for McKinney. Nevertheless, for some time the blog as a whole seemed awfully Republican-dominated.

    And Coble’s wrong about the Kos folks wanting to steamroll the voters in Cooper’s district. They want to steamroll the TNDP. The problem is, they don’t know it.

  3. Actually, when I interned for Cooper, we (the other interns and I) did refer to ourselves for awhile as the “Coop d’Etat” but it didn’t stick.

    They want to steamroll the TNDP. The problem is, they don’t know it.

    That’s a very good point, nm.

  4. Yeah, well, the sad fact is that I knew many of the ones who were ‘all about McCain’ when they were lifelong Dems. The nightmare election made them do really strange things like join the Log Cabin Republicans. I’m still hoping they come back, but . . .

    On the other, the Accountability Now folks have been talking to progressives and Democratic activists here in Nashville at least since last April. It’s not called “steamrolling” when you are greeted with support and encouragement.

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