One Question

Regardless of all the other stuff a person might say about a post like this, aside from it all, how is “I’m upset that I can’t expand the government?” in any way conservative?

(Okay, one small thing. Campfield wants to make it easier for the state to steal your children!!!!! Good lord. That’s a platform he’s going to run for State Senator on?)

3 thoughts on “One Question

  1. 1. Children’s homes are horrible. 2. Children removed from dangerous situations are tucked away someplace that is not public knowledge until their safety is guaranteed. 3. Money is not the primary reason that so few complaints are investigated. 4. If you want to break the cycle, help the parents get drug treatment, jobs and extensive mental healthcare. 5. Just removing the children doesn’t stop the victims from acting out. 6. Scott County’s racists will happily vote for the rep. 7. If he wins, will he call himself The Sin?

  2. I am trying to so very hard, on behalf of those actually suffering, to not just drive past his house singing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” if only because it’s not just b movies that give us bad impressions of orphanages.

    But really, B, I blame you. He is listening to you and trying to actually be pro-life here. He’s just only pro-children and does not want to help people parent. And he doesn’t even know how to best help children anyhow.

    It is a conservative position only insofar as he draws a distinction between the guilty and the innocent – those that have sinned and those that suffer the sins of others – and seeks to use the government to punish the guilty but thinks he is protecting the innocent, thinks it is about the future when it is really about the past.

  3. Cathy, I was trying to imagine the nightmare of state-run orphanages, just from the logistics of having some really fucked up kids basically poorly supervised with access to people younger and weaker than them.

    Never mind the question of what Campfield would consider to be acceptable parenting. Liberals lose their kids but spare-the-rod folks keep them? Single moms lose them?

    I do almost wonder if this isn’t his way of taking kids from single moms and warehousing them until their rightful fathers can be found and reunited with them.

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