The Map is Kind of Interactive!

Okay, assuming that works right, it should be the map for the stories, with the spot for the first story center frame.  If you click on it to make it take you to a larger map, you’ll see that, on the little pop out for the first story is a link taking you back to the story that has been published.

Tell me that is not the coolest fucking thing.

And we owe it, if it works, all to Polerin, who should have a song written in her honor.

3 thoughts on “The Map is Kind of Interactive!

  1. Just to set the record straight, all I did was give a nudge and AuntB was off like a rocket, got things done before I even had a chance to look up the tools she would need.

    I’ll take a song though… especially if it’s to the tune of Officer Krumpke. I’ve got a social disease! (heh)

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