3. Where It Used to Be

Nashville is starting to look more and more like a movie set, like somebody who’s never been to a city’s idea of what a city should look like, all too-perfect new glass buildings and color-coordinated condominiums of rose brick and sand concrete.

Still, the citizen refuse to succumb completely to a landscape the past can’t stick to.  And so, when you are given directions to anywhere, they are full of the haunts of Nashville’s past.  If you, for instance, are trying to get from the bus station, which, by the time you read this, will probably be torn down, which makes this such a Nashville story…

Where was I?  Oh yes.

Say you wanted to get from where the bus station used to be, there on 8th Avenue, to the children’s hospital.  Well, you’d as likely as not be told to go up by where the Hall of Fame used to be and then down Division past where Patrick’s was and when you get to where Nick and Rudy’s was, across from where theIHOP used to be, turn left and go past where the Burger King was, and soon enough, you’ll see it on your right.

It seems like Nashville is in a constant hurry to get rid of everything that ties it to its own history.  But if you know where to look and how to listen, the ghosts are all around us.

Who’s Going to Clean My Kitchen?

The Professor is going to be here at noon with something that needs to go in my oven. This means, sadly, that we will need to be able to find my oven and access it. This is sad because it means I need to get in there and get cleaning.

Right now.

Um… now.

Okay, now.

Ha, you see my problem.

I need to take a picture of these two baby blankets, the one I finished up and the one I’m working on. They both use single crochets and they both operate on the principle of skipping a stitch in some way but whether you chain over the skipped stitch or just crochet twice in one stitch and skip the next has given them a very different feel.

I also need to get some herbs together for the yearly rituals later in the month. I guess I could do that while I have the dog out this morning. Which also needs to be done.

I’m pleased with how the ghost stories are going.  Tonight’s is kind of a dude on its own, I think (makes more sense when you read more than one at once), but I’m really tickled with how the map and the posts work together.

Also, John Lamb, if you are reading this, you should know that there is a character loosely based on you in one of the stories, the one on the 17th.

I think the story on tap for the 20th is my favorite (though the story on the 7th is a close second), though there’s not really a ghost (just a supernatural being) and I was worried that I made him seem too nice, so I brought him back on the 26th to be his true bad self.

Ha, now I’m just chatting to avoid getting dressed and getting to work.