3. Where It Used to Be

Nashville is starting to look more and more like a movie set, like somebody who’s never been to a city’s idea of what a city should look like, all too-perfect new glass buildings and color-coordinated condominiums of rose brick and sand concrete.

Still, the citizen refuse to succumb completely to a landscape the past can’t stick to.  And so, when you are given directions to anywhere, they are full of the haunts of Nashville’s past.  If you, for instance, are trying to get from the bus station, which, by the time you read this, will probably be torn down, which makes this such a Nashville story…

Where was I?  Oh yes.

Say you wanted to get from where the bus station used to be, there on 8th Avenue, to the children’s hospital.  Well, you’d as likely as not be told to go up by where the Hall of Fame used to be and then down Division past where Patrick’s was and when you get to where Nick and Rudy’s was, across from where theIHOP used to be, turn left and go past where the Burger King was, and soon enough, you’ll see it on your right.

It seems like Nashville is in a constant hurry to get rid of everything that ties it to its own history.  But if you know where to look and how to listen, the ghosts are all around us.

14 thoughts on “3. Where It Used to Be

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  2. The old Hall of Fame was an embarrassment.

    Patrick’s went under due to mismanagement and alleged drug problems.

    Nick and/or Rudy got cancer and retired.

    IHOP was booted by your employer for more parking.

    Ditto Burger King.

    Time marches on.

  3. The Burger King became either Panera or Starbucks, I forget which since they’re right next to each other. I parked in the lot behind the Starbucks for sophomore and junior years when I went to USN.

  4. Actually Roger, thinking about it again, you’re right that it became the Panera. But if you’re passing along there, you’ll also pass where White Mountain and Alpine Bagels used to be. They’re now, respectively, Ben & Jerry’s and Bruegger’s. Was quite happy about the former, still in mourning over the latter. Alpine fed many a USN upperclassman before school.

  5. When the BK closed, some wisenheimer put up a “Coming Soon–Starbucks” stencil in the window.

    The Starbucks people fifty feet down the street were not amused.

  6. Ghosts are all around us, you’re right. I learned a long time ago how to listen for them in Murfreesboro, and I found one really good one.

  7. I wrote about it a long time ago after interviewing a lot of old people in town, including the man who was the sheriff back then. How about if I go home, find my story, and blog it to make my own ghost story? :)

  8. ~ busts in to say DO EET MEGAN DO EET ~

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments …

  9. OK I’m still looking for it. I wrote it back in college so I have to go through some old discs. I don’t want to just do it from memory because I’m afraid I might leave something out. So, I’m on it…

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