Two Quick Reviews

1. “Trick r Treat.”  When I got home from work, the Butcher said, “You have to watch this.”  He even set up the tv and the stereo and the Playstation so that I could. (People, he tried to be all “You just have to use this remote to flip this here and then come push this button there and then change this to that and use this controller.  It’s easy.” No, easy would be if I could just say, “Play movie.” and it magically worked. His directions were hard and confusing.  I almost missed the first part of NCIS trying to get the TV back to where it should be.)

And it’s pretty good.  It’s not exactly scary, but it is creepy and unsettling and things are nicely circular.

2. “The List” by Rosanne Cash. I thought this CD was surprisingly terrible. How could it have gone so wrong? The songs are excellent choices. Cash’s voice is rich and interesting and I think she sounds great. But damn, the arrangements, for the most part, suck. It’s like we all got trapped with a bored lounge band doing country covers and Cash tried to save us by adding her voice.

For the most part, it doesn’t work.  There are two or three songs that are amazing, but I’d just listen to the clips at Amazon or iTunes and buy them and ignore the rest.

It almost makes you wish that country music would go through a remix faze, because I’d love to know what another producer would have done with this concept.

4 thoughts on “Two Quick Reviews

  1. Netflix is sending me that movie today so it’s good to know it’s creepy because that’s what I was looking for.

  2. 2. Or even the same producer dealing with the realities of living with the material. Because Cash is not performing those songs the way she recorded them, although her producer is in her band. She’s making them very compelling live.

  3. W., I think it will be harder for you as a parent to watch. It’s not a main focus of the movie, but it does a good job of getting at the unsettling weirdness of children.

    nm, I’m glad to hear that. Maybe we can look forward to a “The List, live” album. I do think her voice is finally perfect for this project and that the songs are great. So I’m frustrated at not being able to love it.

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