Did I Tell Y’all about My Plan for Next Week?

I’m going to the State Library and Archives to try to figure out where Elizabeth Durard’s tavern/whore house was.  I’ve been looking at maps on the Library of Congress site, just trying to figure out how the old roads match up with the roads we have presently and how a woman buried at the Ashland City end of Little Marrowbone road has a tavern/whore house in my neck of the woods, roughly where Clarksville Pike crosses Old Hickory Boulevard.  And I discover two things.

One, that the Demonbreun place (which would have been hers or her kids’) was not clear over to the Ashland City Highway, but closer to Eaton’s Creek Road.  Second, that Little Marrowbone road used to go through. You can even see it on Google Maps now–Alessio Road reaching out for Glen Echo Lake Road. It must have been a steep hike from the elevation of Glen Echo Lake Road to the elevation of Alessio road, so you can see why it lost favor as methods of transit searched out easier inclines.  But it definitely makes it in the neighborhood.

I’m also starting to wonder if Germantown, at that time, wasn’t slightly west, maybe closer to Eaton’s Creek Road along Little Marrowbone road than to where the current Clarksville Pike is.  Or if “Germantown” stretched even further west, it’s entirely possible that the Demonbreun place on the map was her tavern/whore house.

We shall see.

I hope.