In Other Nerdy Goodness

Tom Woods is rocking the history over at Pith.

Melissa McEwan has a cool post full of awesome pictures of farmers.

And there’s a huge discussion about how to promote North Nashville, now that May Town Center looks like it’s not going to happen, with focus on Clarksville Pike, among other places. I would stress that we not overlook the enormously cool history of the area and the inherent beauty.  A greenway along Whites Creek would be awesome both because it’s not very developed yet and it’s beautiful AND Frank James farmed that land and it’s still a lot of farmland.  Same goes for saving the house where Frank and Jesse hid out at the end of their tenure.

For safety’s sake, get some sidewalks on Clarksville Pike, good lord. And four-lane it, at least, out to Briley Parkway.  Put a light in at Briley Parkway so that people trying to get off and head north don’t kill me when I’m driving home.

Trinity Lane has a bad reputation, but on our side of the interstate, it’s pretty sparsely populated and ripe for development.  There’s no good reason to not think of Trinity Lane as a major east-west thoroughfare.

Also, we need a light where Ashland City Highway and Clarksville Pike intersect.  We have about all the traffic we can handle before that starts to get really dangerous.

But we also have a lot of good stuff going on there already, people opening up all kinds of funky restaurants and stuff, so I hope that any development will also find ways to benefit the people who have already invested in that stretch of road.

5 thoughts on “In Other Nerdy Goodness

  1. That project on Clarksville Pk is in the works. Widening from Ashland City Highway to Briley Parkway. Wouldn’t be surprised if they put lights at those spots, but it isn’t really my area. I think there will be sidewalks, and I personally talked to Metro about the greenway plans they have there and told our bridge designer to make sure there was room under the bridge to run the greenway through.

  2. W, I hope that you know that you singlehandedly rescue TDOT from my personal list of “Tennesseans who make things not work because they never think about how things will be used.”

  3. Thanks NM. I’m pretty sure I’ve made that list of a few of the people I’ve dealt with professionally over the last few years so it’s good to go the other way occasionally.

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