Random Things

1. Zombie James K. Polk.  I’m sorry, but this has made my whole day.  I want a t-shirt of zombie James. K. Polk. Being a zombie has made Polk infinitely more interesting to me today than he was to me yesterday.

2. This is funny both because it’s funny and for reasons I’d rather not get into.

3.  Is there a way I can RSS just Amy Hertz‘s stuff at HuffPo? I feel like I should have more intelligent things to say about what she’s saying, but I don’t, yet.

4.  I did get to thinking about the Vanderbilt MFA program at the Southern Festival of Books. Imagine a parallel book publishing MA in which the students acquired, developed, distributed, and marketed the first books of people in the MFA program? In a perfect world, they could get students to design the books as well. All they’d need is some good guiding hands, but what a great learning experience for everyone.  And it seems like the contracts could be worked in a way so that if a major house wanted to buy rights, the Vanderbilt House’s contracts could be worded to make sure it could happen.  If you’re good enough to get into Vanderbilt’s MFA program, why shouldn’t your first book be guaranteed publication by the place that believed in you enough to take you in?

2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. Isn’t that what University publishing houses used to be 50% about? Publishing their MFA grads and their in-house research?

    I actually think that it would be good for any MFA student to intern in the publishing side of the world. Because the commerce side of things is soooo different from the creation side. I still think some of my most valuable experience came from working for a publisher

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