Usually, When Women With a Bunch of Cats Start Hording their Pee…

So, I went to the endocrinologist. He said everything he saw from the tests my other doctor ran looks completely normal.

This is when, in most situations, you’d be able to breathe a sigh of relief, right?

Not in this case.  He flipped back and forth some more and said, “Strange. Very strange.” and then he said, “Maybe it’s your adrenal glands. I’m going to need you to collect all your pee in a 24 hour period and bring it to me.”

The Butcher says, “Please don’t leave that somewhere it can spill.”

My Dad says, “What are you supposed to do with all those little cups?”

But no, they gave me a big thing to collect it all in. I’m kind of fascinated to see how full I can get it. And I should probably be embarrassed to admit that in public, but what the fuck?

Maybe “Strange. Very strange.” will end up being my diagnosis.

13 thoughts on “Usually, When Women With a Bunch of Cats Start Hording their Pee…

  1. Yeh…I’ve had a few of those. It always makes me giggle to myself.

    Dr: “You’ve been bleeding for HOW LONG?!?!”
    Me: “Going on 4 years”
    Dr: “Oh my.” or my favorite “And you’re still alive!” (it wasn’t a was sort of I was scared.”

  2. haha I’ve been in a bunch of clinical trials that collect pee in red plastic containers that remind me of gas cans. I was always curious about my output too haha.

  3. Last week, I visited a new endocrinologist (the old one retired) and I got the verdict of “everything looks fine, but you’re very complex.” Complex! Strange! What is it with endocrinologists?

  4. Well, that being your diagnosis would give you an excellent response if anyone ever calls you strange, weird, or odd.

    Hang in there, I know all this mess has to be so frustrating.

  5. Whoops…meant to say that he’s prolly checking yr adrenal gland for high cortisol output to explain the lack of weight loss.

  6. I feel strongly you have Hashimoto Thyroiditis. (Not bad-sounds bad) When your T3 T4 is normal, you need to ask them to check your TPO.. IF that is elevated, and your TSH is normal or low, you most likely have Hashimotos. With it, you can’t lose weight no matter what you do. (You can–it’s just very hard)
    Please have your doc run a blood test for your TPO. (Explanation not needed–or–Google it) Also, Google Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I have a strong feeling that is what you have. See if the symptoms fit you. From what I know of you, they do.
    I’m sure you know via Newscoma and Kat that I’ve been battling thyroid cancer this year, and I’ve had just about every test they have. In addition, I have Hashimotos, and it sounds like you do too. It’s not dangerous. Do not worry if you do have it.
    You might want to consider a thyroid uptake test if all the others(including the TPO blood test) is normal. That will show cold, warm or hot nodules. 95 percent of nodules on a goiter or multi nodule goiter are benign.
    Just please get the TPO blood test. Doctors just run a T3 and T4 and when they are normal, they dismiss other tests.
    Look up Hashimotos.
    I hope you feel better soon. I have a strong feeling you will once you get diagnosed properly and treated.
    Feel better.
    Sharon C

  7. Um…
    Do you do drugs, B?

    Ya know, if there’s any extra pee left over, you can sell it to people who need to pass urine tests.

    Just think about it. Peeing for Dollars.

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