6 thoughts on “hunting20

  1. I thought I had left a comment here before, but I guess it got lost. So I just want to say that that is probably the most remarkable brick work I have seen in TN. Where is it? And why, oh, why did some idiot paint it?

  2. I know! Thank god they had the sense to leave the stairway unpainted. Why can’t some rich entrepreneur (if we even have those now days) buy that and turn it into something–a shop, a restaurant, a little museum/guide to historic sights around northern Davidson county and surrounding areas?

    Anyone who would preserve that building deserves a gold medal.

    Anyway, as for where this is, it’s right at the top of the hairpin turn on White’s Creek Pike, in Joelton. A person looking for a nice Sunday drive could do worse than to get on White’s Creek Pike and head towards Joelton, let me tell you. Or, conversely, if one got on 24 and headed north and got off at the Joelton exit, he or she will find this building past the McDonalds and the Dairy Queen just before White’s Creek Pike takes a sharp left to the south. There’s no good parking for it (and it is marked no trespassing), but I got these photos from the front lawn of the funeral home.

    I suspect it’s an old gas station.

  3. Ya think? I would have placed it as 1900 — 1910, which seems a bit early for a gas station there, but I guess it could have been from the ’20s.

  4. I don’t know. I just saw the metal by that front pole and assumed that was the base of an old pump. If I go up there again soon, I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of the front of it. Otherwise, are you thinking grocery store? Maybe a place to live up top there?

  5. Grocery store or other store of some kind, yes. Of course, such a store could have had a gas pump put in at some time.

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