Our Hiestands

Henry came over from what is now Switzerland. He had a son, Jacob, who had a son, Jacob, who had a son, David, who had a son, Nathaniel, who had a son, George, who had a daughter, Ina Mae, who had a son, Hildreth, who had a son, Brent, who had us.

David had a brother, also named Jacob. Jacob moved to Kentucky and built a house.

Apparently, he’s still there.

One thought on “Our Hiestands

  1. Him and several others possibly your folk, apparently, from what the page says. (And Troy Taylor’s Prairie Ghosts sites and stories are some of my faves on the ‘Net. I had an email discussion with him years ago about some Middle/East TN-related spooky stuff.)

    If it weren’t for the rather severe Federal style of the house, that house would look proper in Sewanee with all that lovely stone.

    The Prairie Ghosts site says the house is “now destroyed”, I’m guessing it’s been rebuilt or something?

    So when are you going up there to see what happens? :D

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