28. Hickory Hollow Mall

Everyone says that the reason why no one goes to Hickory Hollow Mall is because it’s not safe, that it’s over-run with teenagers and gang members or teenagers who are gang members.

There’s another reason, though, in addition to that.

How many times can a woman be walking through the mall only to feel a small hand slide into hers and feel those small fingers squeeze and in the second she looks down to say, “Oh, no, honey, I’m not your mom,” find no one there and still want to shop there?

I know there are a few women who go deliberately, at least once a week, hoping that the child will reach out to one of them, hoping that they will not look down, will keep a hold of that small hand and…

And what?

That part they haven’t worked out.

4 thoughts on “28. Hickory Hollow Mall

  1. I had a ~”spiritual”~ experience at Hickory Hollow Mall on Dec. 24th, 2002. The paragraph below is a description of what happened on page 76 of my ~”book”~:
    “Sometime during the afternoon of December 24th, of 2002 ~ as I was walking through ~ Hickory Hollow Mall ~ doing some last minute shopping ~ I ~“suddenly!”~ felt something moving around on the top of my head ~ under my hat ~ in my hair! ~“Instantly!”~ I pulled off my hat and brushed my hand back and forth across the top of my head ~ several times ~ through my thinning hair ~ to knock what ever ~ it ~ was ~ that ~ was ~ up there ~ off!”
    Go to http://www.LoveGodIsLove.org and you can read the entire event ~ for free. Hickory Hollow Mall is mentioned in my ~”book”~ 5 times on pages 76, 171, 265, 279 and 329. Also be sure to look at page 31. It contains ~”evidence”~ of ~”proof”~ of ~”God”~. There is an ~”alignment”~ of all the ~”seven …”~’s from the book of ~”Revelation”~ IN THE ORDER THEY APPEAR into a ~”77″~ shape. My birthday is 7/7/48! There are no coincidences. Did you know that ~”a white”~ is in the King James Bible ~”7″~ times? ~ “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” ~ Albert Einstein

  2. You know, I think your ghost stories have a distinctive signature. Most I’ve read so far (I’ve been slacking sorry!) have had a theme of helping, or desire to make things better for the dead by the living… or at least staying out of their way to let them do their thing.

  3. Oh, B. I’ve told you many times how much I’ve enjoyed these. They break my heart and tickle me and scare me and all the other reactions that good stories told by good storytellers should do.

    But oh, B. This one made me cry. Because of pretty little Adriana.

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