“So, Your Uncle Got in Some Crappy Paper and You Get to be on NPR?”

Well, so, I am about to fall over. Right over. I just got asked to be on the weekend All Things Considered, and read them a ghost story.

They found them on Metafilter, because one of you was kind enough to stick them up there.

I am so excited and thrilled and unsure about which one is best to read.

Ha, whew. How weird.

Edited to Add: Okay, I have more details, the most important of which is that I will get bumped if anything more interesting than me happens. If you read me, you know that is a very low bar to set, so I’m going to have to ask that everyone who reads this first tape everyone around you into their seats and then tape yourself into your seat. Don’t talk to anyone, don’t do anything, and, for gods’ sake, don’t tell anyone at NPR about the strange rash of people being taped into their seats.

Then we must all keep our fingers crossed that everyone else in the world decides this would be a good weekend to do totally normal things.

They’ve got some ideas about which stories they want me to read but they’ll let me know later today.  I will then practice reading it out loud. Then I’ll go tomorrow to WPLN to read them to Guy Raz.

And then nothing interesting can happen, at all.

My Dad’s so cute. He’s all like, “The important thing is that they asked you and I got to tell your Uncle.”

24 thoughts on ““So, Your Uncle Got in Some Crappy Paper and You Get to be on NPR?”

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  2. I don’t know which one is the best to read, but my favorite was one of the first ones, about the portrait of Rachel Jackson at the Hermitage.

  3. Wow! Wonderful.

    I have two suggestions – The Cat that Said “MaMa” or “The Devil Lives on Lewis Street”. I can see where NPR people would be partial to “Brentwood Library” or “Dodge City.”

  4. Holy simoleans. This just made my day. Have been telling people all over to read your stories; this isn’t at all surprising, IMO, but it pretty much just kicks ass.

    Another vote for either the Rachel Jackson one, or the Elks Club “Same Old Haunts” one. Although I did like Opryland, also.

  5. That is BEYOND cool!!! This is just awesome.

    My vote is for the cat that said mama. It’s the one that creeped me out most.

  6. Your ghost stories are wonderful. I read a couple to my husband, and we both really like the Broken Mirror. I also like the one about the parking lot at Home Depot.

    I read recently that gaffer tape is preferable to duct tape when making sure stuff (and people) stays in one place. But I think I’ll go to Lowe’s for it…

  7. Well, if it was WPLN, I’d be all ho-hum & such ’cause they’ve even been desperate enough to interview me about the big quake we had here, but this is BIG TIME!

    {bows low} We’re not worthy.

  8. Ginny, they seemed to really like those two, too. That one and the Adelecia Acklen story. But I should learn more later and I’ll let y’all know which one(s) they choose.

  9. I knew they were good because I don’t even like ghost stories and I kept checking back to see if you’d written anymore. Congratulations!!!

  10. Here I would have voted for the kids and the ambulance story; the last line, which I will probably remember forever, just breaks my heart.

  11. Yes, I went and checked and that’s the Dodge City story. That one or The Devil Lives on Lewis Street, I would recommend.

  12. The one with the kids and the ambulance really captures the spirit of the whole thing. Though I would not say no to the devil either.

    Congratulations! You’re into, like, the sixth of your fifteen minutes of fame. :-)

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