Strange, Very Strange

I’ve been wondering about the “conversion” of the former Planned Parenthood director. Not just for the reasons Amanda Marcotte outlines, though I think she’s right about all the reasons this whole thing sounds so sketchy.

But when someone threatens repeatedly to kill you and then you “mysteriously” start working with them, it’s hard for a person to not wonder whether you’re working with them out of duress.

I wonder if anyone has checked with Abby Johnson to make sure she’s not a very public hostage.

Maybe I’m being too generous, but I’d still like to know that someone has checked to make sure that she’s okay.

Something’s Not Right Here

I came across this story while I was doing the Morning Round-Up over at Pith. It’s about how the woman who kidnapped that baby a few weeks ago is reportedly suicidal. I know. Your first thought, as is mine, is “Oh, cry me a thousand tears.”

But she’s still innocent until proven guilty AND we’re not supposed to have a system of vigilante justice, where a person is thrown into terrible conditions that others, without direction from a jury, have decided that she deserves.

So, why isn’t she getting her medication? Why is she in the Robertson County jail and not our jail in the first place? She allegedly kidnapped a newborn. It doesn’t take a genius to know she’s going to be incredibly unpopular with the inmates. Why is she not in protective custody?

Don’t get me wrong. I have no great love for Sheriff Hall and some of his programs. But he runs a pretty tight ship. So, why isn’t this woman in a jail where there is less likelihood of shenanigans?

Clearly, there’s something going on here.  And I think we should keep our eye on it to make sure she wasn’t sent to Robertson County so that there could be shenanigans.