Fowler, Revisited

I’m sorry, I got to telling folks about this at lunch and it just tickled me so much.  I mean, I spent my morning doing work and thinking about how nicely Coble phrases things, how delicious I find her writing. And all indications are that Fowler gets to spend his morning thinking of shocking sexual combinations in order to titillate his readers.

It’s enough to make a girl want to become a conservative. My morning if I am me? La, la, la, doing some work. La, la, la, thinking about Coble thinking about writing.

My morning as imagined by Fowler?  La, la, la, undermining the sanctity of marriage.  La, la, la, imagining how delicious I find Coble.  Plotting to ensnare her and her husband into a gay, polygamous, um, super secret, children scandalizing, union with rotating partners we invite in by lottery. Oops, looks like Sam Holloway and his wife are our first official lottery winners. They’ll have to bring three other women, a goat, and some BBQ. And their own pillows.

That is one million times more entertaining than how I actually spend my days.

7 thoughts on “Fowler, Revisited

  1. it’s not as much fun as it sounds, undermining the sanctity of marriage, you know. them walls are built on nothing but powdery dry sand, yards and yards deep; the shoring and propping you have to do to keep it all from caving in on your head is a major pain in the behind.

  2. For the record, it must be a fainting goat. We’ll know we’re doing whatever it is we’re doing right if it causes the goat to faint from shock.

  3. Aah, you Southern Liberals are tame. Up here in Maine we’re not content with merely undermining marriage. Nope, we’re intent on destroying the innocence of childhood too. Did you know if the repeal had been rejected we were going to storm into 2nd-grade classrooms with lesson plans on sodomy? Yup, someone spilled the beans on us, though, and our nefarious plottings could not be carried out.

  4. Thanks for this. I needed it that day.

    And were I a less modest woman, all of you would be welcome to an orgy with me and my hot husband. As it is, maybe we’ll just share cake.

  5. I feel it important to point out that having children undermines the hell out of the sanctity of marriage. Or maybe that’s just twins….

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