Random Thursday Things

1. I now have a new theory about what happened to all my pumpkins. And possibly what my neighbors are constantly shooting at.

2. One of the things I like best about the internet is when you see people you know create something that kind of blows your mind. This picture of Malia is amazing. If I were an artist, I would paint it.

3.  There’s always a sex tape. This is, I believe, the most fundamental disconnect between liberals of my ilk and conservatives of a certain ilk. To me, the fact that Prejean has a sex tape just goes to show that we all do stuff that other people think is wrong (like, being gay) and, as long as no one is hurt, maybe we should all just let each other go about doing things that others think is wrong without trying to fuck over the perceived wrong-doers. To them, this incident shows that everyone does things that are wrong and that’s why it’s important to not let any more wrong-doing get a foothold in our society.

Still, I think it’s hilarious that this sanctimonious asshat got caught.

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