An Updatey Update

For those of you following along at home, I have a very rough draft of my book proposal done, because the Professor said she was going to look at it this weekend and I had to have something to show her.

I have looked at thousands of book proposals in my life (granted, not for fiction) and I just want to say, “Damn, those puppies are hard to write.”  You want to come across as yourself and as someone who would be easy to work with and as someone who kind of knows what the fuck they’re doing.

That’s a hard balance to strike.

Also, I don’t know of anyone who could blurb my book.  Stephen King, if you’re lurking here, now would be the time to ‘fess up.

One thought on “An Updatey Update

  1. FYI….Stephen King has a standing policy of writing blurbs for any just-starting-out writer. He feels it’s his way to give back and to keep publishing alive. All you have to do is send him the ARC.

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