Bell’s Bend Park is in Need of Help

So, the dog and I just got back from Bell’s Bend Park. We normally go on Sundays but we were both in the mood for it today. The walk was great. The park was beautiful. All the things that want to prick you with their long prickly prickers can no longer hide it behind their leaves so you can give them the stink eye all you want and they just have to know you know they’re out to get you.

Now, of course I’ve been following Mike Byrd’s coverage of the park situation, so I knew that there had been some ridiculous overages in the Parks department, because it was oh, so important to have golf all winter long.

But until today, I didn’t get that the people who would be let go as a result of this fiasco were not the idiots who let this happen, but people like the awesome guy who came out after we’d completed our walk to check on us and ask us how things went. He’s in charge of the park programing and he would get laid off, and his boss would have to cover Bell’s Bend and Beaman Park, which would basically give her enough time to be a glorified janitor at both places.

This really sucks, and not just because Bell’s Bend Park is my favorite park in the system.

It sucks because it’s unfair to ordinary people.  It’s unfair to the ordinary people who work for the parks, who couldn’t control or have any say in whether things were properly reported to Metro, but it’s also unfair to those of us ordinary people who enjoy the parks.  Because the golfers got to golf all winter, we don’t get to have enough staff?

And seriously, at what point do the big wigs fall on their swords and lay themselves off rather than always looking for the people lower down who can be cut?

Anyway, call or write your council members.

Unless you don’t live here. In that case, call or write our council members, because your council members will think you’re bonkers if you contact them complaining about us.

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