But, Fat, Fatty Fat Fat…

Today, Nicholas Krisoff is writing about BPA, a synthetic estrogen that’s in almost everything. The chemical companies have a study that says it’s safe. A great many studies not conducted by the chemical companies link it to everything from diabetes to malformed genitals to obesity.

On average, apparently, we consume six pounds of this stuff, because it leaks into you through the plastic containers you use, the lining put on cans of green beans, and it’s put into foods we eat.

I bring this up because of the State Democrats’ flirting with a war on childhood obesity. If children cannot avoid consuming a chemical that makes them fat, all your haranguing and hand-wringing and personal-responsibility-ing won’t mean squat.

Are you, State Democrats, working to craft legislation that would get this crap out of kids’ systems?

Or are you going to continue to play “Blame the Fat Kid” while we’re being poisoned?

3 thoughts on “But, Fat, Fatty Fat Fat…

  1. Well, Blame The Fat Kid is a time-honoured game, using mad skillz honed on the playground, perfected in gym class and tempered in the fire of competitive adulthood. It also serves to take attention OFF the speaker, who has a great many flaws of his own, and make everyone stare in another direction.

    Actually effecting change, being the change you want to see in the world, etc. Well. That takes the tediousness of actual effort and energy expended and is much less fun.

    So Blame The Fat Kid it is.


    The Fat Kid

  2. The former choice involves potentially threatening corporate profit margins. The second choice– well, what Coble said. I agree; it’s going to be more Blame the Fat Kid.

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