In Which I Try to Guess Why the TNDP Won’t Aid Adrienne Pakis-Gillon

LeftWingCracker has a post about Pakis-Gillon, which you can read and be persuaded by, or not. I’m still a little suspicious that there are people in the party who would love to foist her off on the bloggers so that, if she loses, they can have their proof that the bloggers aren’t that powerful.

I refuse to play that game not only because it’s unfair to the bloggers, but because it’s patently unfair to Pakis-Gillon. (Though, I should say, I have also heard this exact same scenario theorized, except that Pakis-Gillon is supposedly being foisted off onto progressives and, if progressives can’t put her in office, then it proves that progressives aren’t that powerful and the powers that be can safely ignore them.) This kind of setting up tests and not telling people and then holding people responsible when they fail them is like a disfunctional marriage, not the kind of relationship that’s healthy among a candidate, her potential supporters, and the party the first two ostensibly belong to. Well, nor is it healthy in disfunctional marriages, but we’re focusing on the political.

LWC says:

Considering that A) EVERY Senate and House seat is critical in preventing a complete GOP takeover of the General Assembly, which will lead to Democrats losing up to three seats in Congress from Tennessee and B) we have a chance to end Brian Kelsey’s political career before he damages anything else, why the hell has the TNDP essentially told Adrienne that they aren’t going to help her?

THESE are the races that make differences in how each party is viewed. If the GOP can’t hold on to this seat, their presumed hegemony is NOT going to happen. Now, understand, I don’t want the TNDP to send troops (not after the House 62 debacle), but I DO want them to send money.

And it occurs to me that possibly this is why the TNDP isn’t giving more support to Pakis-Gillon: they spent all their resources on the adorable baby clones that were supposed to strike fear in the hearts of voters who… um… hate babies or something.  I’m still not sure.

They probably have like 200,000 post cards with those adorable clone babies on them.oie_babiesntext If only we could find a way for them to repurpose these hypothetical postcards in support of Pakis-Gillon… But we’d have to remind the TNDP that babies are uniformly adorable, so we should not try to frighten voters with cute babies.

Could we white-out everything on the postcards except the babies and just write on there, “Why does Brian Kelsey hate triplets?” or “If Brian Kelsey had his way, all babies would be kept in Pirex pie pans for easy baking. Vote for Adrienne Pakis-Gillon and vote against Republicans who want us to eat babies.” or “Vote for Adrienne Pakis-Gillon and she will outlaw all tasteless political ads involving adorable babies like these.”?

I don’t know, people.  I’m just brainstorming here.

Edited to add: My favorite part about the adorable baby negative ad is the “Pro-Life leaders are against Marsh’s radical cloning plan.” which kind of implies that there are some less radical cloning plans pro-life leaders might be in favor of, or even that a radical cloning plan proposed by anyone other than Marsh might be okay.  I mean, seriously, that’s just hilarious.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Try to Guess Why the TNDP Won’t Aid Adrienne Pakis-Gillon

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  2. I have read a few of these posts since the District 62 election. There seem to be more than a few theories about what happened and who is responsible. But, why not look at the candidate in District 31 and decide if she is worthy of your support — apart from who will get blamed or even apart from the number of Rs and Ds it will leave in the State Senate.
    The District 31 race will be tough for any Democrat. If the state party is staying out, then it probably just doesn’t want to get blamed for “wasting” money on a Democratic candidate in a difficult district. I don’t get it, I thought that is what the State Party was supposed to do.
    Anyway, the race is well underway; only a few more weeks; and then we can all blog about something else. For now, take a look a the candidate and try to think past who might blame who or who might try to take credit. Does the candidate deserve your support? If so, provide it.

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