In Which I Say Something Nice about Ghost Adventures

If you don’t watch it, Ghost Adventures is a show in which three giant douches (I used to think it was two giant douches and a poor put-upon sweetheart, but I was wrong) go around and, after a flurry of “Dude”s and “Bro”s, get locked into supposedly haunted sites in which they yell at ghosts and behave rather douchily towards each other.

Last week, they were investigating an abandoned home for the developmentally disabled. And, as they usually do, they interviewed various people about what it was like–the tv reporter who had discovered deplorable conditions inside the home, the people who were sent in to run it and help close it down after said deplorable conditions were discovered, and a woman who lived at the home.

It could have been a disaster–a giant douche interviewing a woman with conditions giant douches are normally uncomfortable with.

But instead, she was treated just the same as everyone else who was interviewed and she spoke about her (non-paranormal) experiences and explained why she behaved how she did when she was in the home and how it was in response to the deplorable conditions.

And then the douche was off to the next interview.

It was really nice to see her treated just like everyone else interviewed on the show–as someone who would, of course, have important information to impart.

It shouldn’t be a big deal. But it really stood out because you so rarely see it on TV.

It also made me wonder if one of the reasons I like these kinds of shows is not for the ghost stories, but for the chance to hear real people talk about their real stories (no matter what those stories are).

I don’t know.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Say Something Nice about Ghost Adventures

  1. Wondering if I saw this show, not necessarily this episode, since you mentioned douches. Is there a guy with dark hair who dresses like he’s going to the club after a round of ghost hunting?

  2. Yeah, that’s that fool. He’s gonna go ghost hunting, hit the bars, then come back to the haunted abode looking for a fight. “You ghosts are fuckin’ pussies!! Come out and fight like a . . . oh I just peed my pants.”

  3. Lmao…”at this exact moment…” these guys are major league douches and always taunt the thin air…they are so dang tough! Lol

  4. All of y’all criticizing Ghost Hunters can go fuck a fat dick. Y’all sound like little whiny bitches that wished y’all looked like Zak or that your husband did. Its funny you call them a douche but sit here and talk shit about them like a douche bag would do. If they were in your town you’d flock to them like the little groupie whores that you are. Keep hating on them, it only makes you look retarded.

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