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I got my coveted Google Wave invite yesterday. Not that I had any idea what Google Wave really was, but whatever. When the future comes knocking, you don’t sit around wondering if you will need the future in the future, you know?

Anyway, it’s neat. It like instant messaging and email tied in with some blogging functions (like the ability to post pictures and maps and polls) all in an environment where everyone working in a particular wave can collaborate at any time.

I don’t yet see how it will work with friends. That’s probably a failure of imagination on my part. Obviously, I’ve been testing it out on friends. But I don’t really experience it with them as anything more than just a really robust email program.

But when I start to think about using it at work… If I could force everyone in my office to get on Google Wave tomorrow, I would.

I don’t think that’s feasible right yet. There needs, for instance, to be a way to send regular emails as well as participate in waves, so we could, for instance, all have a discussion about a project internally and then the one of us who is responsible for contacting the outside vendor could do so through traditional email. Or maybe not. Maybe you’d just have a two-person wave.

I don’t know.

I just know that I will be shocked if we are not all using this or something similar at work very shortly.

13 thoughts on “Google Wave

  1. I got mine yesterday as well. I am trying to figure this all out but, as John Carney said to me about this, it might be something like twitter which I didn’t get at first and then WHAM, I got it.
    I’m feeling the same way about Google Wave but maybe I’ll get another WHAM moment with it too.

  2. I’ve had my invite for a few weeks, I need to get it set up (I hope there’s no expiration date). I really do want to check it out, but I just haven’t had the time.

  3. I received my invite as well – so B, email me your gmail info so I can add you. I’m still exploring – dipped my toes in this AM… I like being an early adopter. ;-)

  4. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, but it looks like it has great potential for collaborative projects. It would be incredibly useful at my office … unfortunately, the evil overlords here only feel threatened by employee input.

  5. People, requests for invites are going to get deleted. Requests for invites with your fucking email address in them are not only going to get deleted as fast as I can get to them, they will, if you are a real person, open you up to all kinds of spam.

    It’s not just annoying to me that you would clutter up a blog you don’t even read, it’s stupid on your part.

  6. I’ve finally gotten around to getting mine set up. If y’all would tell me how to find you (those of you whom I know that are also on this thing) I’d love to add you on.

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