I Might Argue We Should Be Able to Carry in Our Urban Parks

For Pith, I spent my lunch hour looking at how dangerous the rural parks in Nashville are. I honestly don’t care if people can carry guns in our parks or not. But I do care that parks that are demonstrably very, very safe are being singled out for an exception to our “no guns in parks” rule because they’re so rural.

I mean, if they’re less dangerous than urban parks right now, what exactly is it about those parks that warrant needing to be able to carry a gun in them?

It’s not the crime, of which there is, basically, none.

So, what? The people? Rural people suck so bad that, if you’re going to go to a rural park, you need to be able to shoot them, if necessary?

Fuck that.

Either there are guns in parks or there are not. Don’t single out the rural parks like they or the people around them are some particular problem when they’re not.