One Benefit of Getting Older

Jesus, people, this has been a weird and, in many ways, sucky week. I’m hoping that’s not an omen for my trip to the doctor, but I am a superstitious fool and it’s hard for me to not read into these things.

I tried to write about it last night, but the suck is related to things off-limits to Tiny Cat Pants, and my vague distress was all pretty cliched.

I have noticed, though, as a benefit to getting older, that when you have crappy days that make you question the whole direction of your life, it no longer feels like “Oh I suck. Oh my life sucks. Boo hoo hoo.” but “I’m fucking doing the best I can here. Why are these people ruining it?!”

It’s nice to have terrible days that are not also plagued by self-doubt.

One thought on “One Benefit of Getting Older

  1. I think getting older also leads to more thoughts that, well, this sucks hard, but it’s gonna end sometime, just like all the other sucky phases have. Let’s ride it out. There’s less sense of Oh No My World Is Going to End!!!!

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