Instead of Doing Dishes, I Took Pictures (All Week)

All I Have Are Questions after Watching Saturday Night Live

That had to be one of the worst episodes ever, right? I mean, every generation complains that their Saturday Night Live is worse than the generations before them. But then you see an episode like this and it’s like “Oh, so that’s what bad is.” Did we all sense that the cast knew how bad it was and was just rushing through everything as fast as they could to get it over with? I mean, were those not some of the shortest skits ever on SNL? Most skits go on long after they cease to be funny. Many of these seemed to stop right before the punchline. Was the skit where the girl and the boy were on a date and the girl hadn’t heard of any popular culture things from the past 35 years some kind of meta-joke about January Jones? Has there ever been a host who was in so many skits but allowed to be central to so few? Is there someone from Grace Kelly’s family who can kick some people in the ass or what? Would they have been better off locking Jones in her room and letting random Black Eyed Peas just take her spot in skits and stiltedly read off of cue cards? I suspect it would have.