Sheriff Hall Was Scheduled to Speak to Yet Another White Supremacist Organization

(Assuming my post at Pith ever makes it up, consider this a companion piece that would flesh out what I’ve learned in the hours since my Pith post was written).

So, Kyle Swenson is reporting that Sheriff Hall was scheduled to speak at a conference held by the Center for Immigration Studies, which has more than just a “long history of association with the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR).” It was, in fact, dreamed up by FAIR founded John Tanton in order to give FAIR a way to mainstream its ideas by putting them under a glossy coat of academic language. Saying it has a “long history of association with FAIR” would be like saying I have a long history of association with the Butcher. They are siblings, working together, to promote the vision of Tanton, who, coincidentally, Hall may have heard of, since his group gave most of the money to Crafton’s “English Only” campaign.  (It would be interesting to know if that’s how Hall came to Tanton’s attention.)

This marks the second time that Hall was scheduled to speak to white supremacist groups (the first being his lovely trip to the CCC). This time the national douchebags he was scheduled to speak with put out a press release, so local immigrant rights activists were able to alert him to CIS’s ties to FAIR and “English Only,” since, apparently, no one in Hall’s office can Google this shit for themselves, and he pulled out of the event.

But let’s bear in mind that, if he had not been called on it, our sheriff was ready to fly to Washington D.C. and speak about 287(g)  on a panel in which he was the only non-CIS participant (Steven Camarota, Director of Research, Center for Immigration Studies, and Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies, were scheduled to be the other two panelists and Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies was to moderate). His participation gave that panel legitimacy and a hook that would have brought the media. And he would have been sitting there talking about the wonders of 287(g) while Camarota and Vaughan were prepared to speak about how studies may show that there’s less criminal behavior among immigrants than there is the general population, but really, immigrants (of all stripes) “have relatively high rates of criminality.” (Quote directly from the press release touting Hall’s appearance.)

That’s right. Not just the illegal immigrants, but ALL immigrants must be studied for their “high rates of criminality.”

That old stereotype set off NO warning bells in the Sheriff’s office?

This is exactly how CIS is designed to work–to mainstream noxious ideas.

If you said, “Oh, well, you know most of those immigrants are just criminals who shouldn’t even be here. And why can’t they learn to speak English?” people would know you for the bigot that you are.  But if you have FAIR spouting this crap to the group receptive to it and then you also give money to Eric Crafton to spout one part that seems reasonable to many people–“Let’s make everyone speak English”–and CIS to put a polish on your beliefs about immigrants and criminality by framing it as an academic discussion with tales from the frontlines provided by the Davidson County Sheriff.

Much like Crafton was a way of laundering these ideas from their noxious roots, so was Hall.

How does this keep happening? How many times does a man “accidentally” wind up on the speakers’ lists for bigotted douchebags?

Sheriff Hall is not a stupid man.

So, I find it hard to believe that he’s just easily played by white supremacists.

He owes the city an explanation for why he would give legitimacy with his participation to these kinds of groups.

Is someone in his office not doing her job? Is the council that oversees the 287(g) program not empowered to actually tell Hall when he’s doing something wonky? Does he not get how appealing 287(g) is to racists?

Or is it something more?

Really, how many times can a man get on the speaking schedule of racist anti-immigrant groups before it’s not an accident?

Edited to add: The Pith post is posted.

9 thoughts on “Sheriff Hall Was Scheduled to Speak to Yet Another White Supremacist Organization

  1. Right on. This is exactly how noxious beliefs become mainstream: inch by inch, drop by drop. People who think “it doesn’t matter” and “I’m too lame to hit teh Great Gazoogle” are going to be the downfall of us all. Daron Hall needs to get a freaking clue, or at least get a secretary who knows how to use the dang internet.

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  3. Duh. You don’t get to be in his position as a chief enforcer of and poster boy 287(g) — a policy that is intended to be applied in racist ways — without getting very comfortable with racism in policy and practice.

    People are what they do, especially if they do the same shit over and over. The “I’m a genial doofus who was failed by my office staff yet again” belies the calculation and power it takes to get to his political position. There’s a certain sort of conservative that keeps telling us all that personal failures in accountability explains most of our society’s problems. Well, okeedokee then. Hall needs to own his behavior. If he can clearly explain how his personal and professional connections with anti-immigration groups and supremacist organizations squares with his professional duty to be an impartial enforcer of immigration policy, then so be it. And if not, he needs to take responsibility for doing things that erode public confidence in his judgment and ability to carry out the duties of his position.

  4. Yeah, that’s the thing. Hall is a smart man. He seems to be a good sheriff in every other aspect. He’s well respected by his peers and highly thought of.

    Nothing about his reputation or the way he conducts himself in public makes him seem like a fool. Far from it. He seems very smart and very good at his job.

    So, I’m just not buying that this could happen, even once, accidentally. Certainly not twice.

    Bloggers nationwide brought to the public attention the need to stop the infiltration of illegal immigrants in the workplace. Now the voice of –THE PEOPLE–are demanding sealing the borders tight and that every corrupt politician catering to corporate welfare–MUST GO, Starting with Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV) Special attention should be drawn to incorrigible governors, lawmakers, mayors judges and elected officials who have ordained policies of SANCTUARY STATES.

    [edited to reduce the crazy. If you find yourself going to blogs of people you don’t know and babbling on about things only tangentially related to their posts, please, just start your own blog. Don’t clog up mine.]

  6. Disclaimer: The previous was a commercial paid for by E-Verify and posted by someone who didn’t read the thread prior to commenting.

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