So, at the same time Hall was planning his trip to DC to speak to the rabid anti-immigrationists, he’s also participating in this Channel 4 I-Team investigation in which actual people are referred to as “illegals”? (Nobody over at Channel 4 has a Chicago Manual of Style? Or what?)

But more to the point, should we see this as a signal that Hall is courting the support of rabid anti-immigrationists in order to pressure the city and the feds into keeping 287(g)?

I Don’t Know About You, But I Want to Be Delighted

First up, Goldni’s post. I’m going to declare myself the curly-haired woman in the cartoon, because I am a woman, with curly hair.

Second, I squealed with delight upon reading this post and I now wish I had a problem that could be solved by a rageful woman.

Third, what is this?! How can a video be so awesome and so terrible all at once? And Beyonce? Seriously, I would leave you for her in no time flat.

Rounding Up the Morning

I spent my morning doing the morning round up for Pith, but I couldn’t let go the chance to share Vivian Wilhoite’s snark with you. Seriously, someone get that woman a blog. They’re all “But the parks! Oh the humanity! They’re so over budget!!!!!” and she’s all “Hmm, but when the PR for the new convention center was over budget, that just wasn’t a problem, was it?”