Someone over at the Tennessean is calling Tiny Pasture “Augustus Kleinheider,” which made me laugh out loud. I was going to give this person due credit, but alas, the web design over at The Tennessean is so crappy that the individual’s name is not connected to his (or her) (okay, let’s not kid ourselves, his) post, so that he can get credit for nicknaming Tiny Pasture after a lesser Caesar.

I can only hope this leads to a prolonged period of name-calling between SouthComm and Gannett.

Edited to add: And perhaps a site redesign.

8 thoughts on “Augustus?!

  1. Yes, that’s really getting ACK where it hurts — there is no such thing as bad publicity unless they get your name wrong. At least he’s not calling ACK Adolph.

  2. Oh, Tiny Pasture, if you were more pro-immigrant, I would not have had to strip your last name of any indication of your immigrant roots, but I call you Tiny Pasture to shield you from the shame of being so obviously the descendants of immigrants.

  3. Are you really calling Augustus a lesser Caesar? I gotta find out what “less” means over in your neck of the woods.

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