A Vague Woo Hoo!

I don’t blog about work, normally. So I will continue to not blog about work except to say that a project I worked on and loved just got a review in one of the top journals in its field describing it as invaluable and gutsy.

I want to be all “in your face” to yesterday about this, let me tell you.

7 thoughts on “A Vague Woo Hoo!

  1. Awesome! In my “I don’t blog about work” news, one of the programs that I write grants for just got some (modest) money and nice validation from a national foundation and the team that I’m the faculty rep for is going to the Division II Final Fours. (Alas, I’m not going to travel with them…)

    And I’m with you — I want to shake my butt at the middle of this week and do a little “in your face’ dance to the semester low-point. My job really isn’t a bag of suck after all.

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