The Butcher Keeps Me On Track

Well, the Butcher cleaned the house from top to bottom, so I had no excuse but to work on my book proposal. It is done. I have some sample photos from Chris Wage. So, all I have left to do is print the stuff off and send it out.

I’m already planning my book trailer. “Oh, hi, you just caught me NOT French kissing my dog, because my dog eats poop. Also, she is a dog. And as much as this is a book about ghosts, it is also a book about family. Families with grandmas who will feed me. Okay, not really. Still, you should read my book. Thanks.”

5 thoughts on “The Butcher Keeps Me On Track

  1. I’ve only seen two. I like them because in both cases they made me intrigued about a book I’d never have picked up otherwise. The idea of something that moves book titles is dear to me.

    But they ARE just this side of ridiculous.

    One of the two I saw looked like a Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts video from Mid80s SNL.

    But I still found myself thinking “I might get that book.”

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