Ooo, Wouldn’t It Be Cool If There Was a Gardener Signal?

I could just go outside, light it up, and then you gardeners would know I needed your advice and you would come to Tiny Cat Pants.

So, here’s the question. Could I get salvia apiana to grow in my perennial herb garden? It’s only hardy to zone 7 and we’re zone 6. But I was thinking of putting it right up against the house.

Or do you think we just get too much rain for it?

Mrs. Wigglebottom and I Find the River!

First of all, apparently either Mrs. W. and I walk at a pace of one mile an hour or I didn’t pay attention to when we got to the park or the people at Bell’s Bend have vastly underestimated the length of the loop that goes along the river. Because we were at the park for literally eighteen years this morning.

But listen, if you want to go along the river, the trick is to go out of the back of the nature center, and take the first left and then, take the second right. When you get to the conflagration of three roads, take the gravel road back to your right. If you go straight out from the nature center the other way, the last half of your walk will be up hill.

Also, there are a few disturbing pictures in here of racist graffiti, which I took for Pith.