Plans A & B

Okay, so Plan A is to find a small publisher who might be interested in the project.

If that doesn’t work, Plan B is to self-publish.

In the interests of Plan A, I have three packages to go out in the mail tomorrow.

In the interests of Plan B, I read this.

10 thoughts on “Plans A & B

  1. When checking small publishers, you might want to try some of the various university presses.

    There are some, like Livingston Press at the University of West Alabama that I think would be an ideal fit for this collection.

    The only drawback is that, last I knew, they only accept submissions over the transom in June. They are, though, currently accepting entries for the Tartt award. (They accept until December of 2009.)

    I know a few bloggers have self-published. John Carney has his last year’s NaNoWriMo self-published.

    Frankly, though, while self-publishing remains an option, I really think you’ve got a strong enough submission for a press publishing contract.

    1. Good voice
    2. Nice hook (The whole one-story-per-day / history of the area thing is hot.)
    3. Regional interest
    4. Popular subject matter
    5. Literary yet popular
    6. Established metropolitan market

    There are a lot of titles out there from small presses with two or three of these market points. Your book has all six. It’s practically a gimme.

    Believe me. I watch publishing the way other people in my house watch cycling and basketball.

  2. Uh, I don’t know about that. Might want to talk to University of Iowa Press about the performance of their regional fiction list.

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